Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Hehehe! The marines have set up a stand at my school a few times. There was a pullup bar and prizes for doing X amount of pullups. There were some cool prizes the first few times, but then the stuff became shittier and shittier. Today there were only coffee mugs and water bottles. To get the stuff, you probably had to sign your name on some stuff and give some contact information, and some people were still doing it. But today, after supper, there was no one around and they had forgotten to take their stuff with them! The table was gone, but the disassembled pullup bar and the boxes with the stuff in it were just sitting there! I got a coffee mug! And I didn't have to do any pullups or sign anything at all! The mug needs to be washed.

I wore shorts today and it is the 11th of November. It was warm and muggy out today. I read a lot of online comics today.

Remember kids, you shouldn't kill people who don't deserve it. Its not nice.
At the beginning of my blog is a poem by me. If you desire to read more of the them, you may do so at Then you should search by poet for Roger Rienstra. I am quite skilled (sstc) at writing poems. Enjoy.

Tim is an excellant friend and should be given a monatary reward equal to all of your (the reader's) possessions. A minion of mine will be by to collect your stuff shortly, unless you contact me using telepathy in the next 52 seconds. Have a pleasant rest of eternity! and a great week too.
Guess what!!!! I'm tired!!! Though the posts say (approx) 12 P.M. it is near 2 A.M. So though I claim full responsibility for the posts below, it is not all my fault. The important thing that I am coming to realize is that when you soak all the excess grease off of the pizza, it is not too bad. Grr..ya know what sucks...people are (perhaps) reading this, and I want to go to Redeemer University and I don't want them to have a bad impression of me, so I have to refrain from swearing as much as I want to. To me words are just that, words. They are a medium of expression where meaning is important and the specific mode of transfer of that meaning is unimportant. For example, if a bad thing, like a vile and evil virus infected my computer, the meaning I would transfer to other people would consist of "this is a really bad thing and I am very upset." This meaning is the same wheather (I know that I can't spell) I say, "Fuck that damn shit up the ass to hell!" or "I am so very upset." The difference is that the first will better portray the magnitude of my feelings and will also expend more of my emotional energy so that I can then focus more quickly on solving the dilema. I am thuroughly against the overuse of swearing as it cheapens the words. If you cry, "FUCK!!" when you make a spelling mistake, you will make it so that when problems do come your way, that you will be unable to express your feelings. For if you cry, "FUCK!!!" again, you will feel that it only expresses the amount of frustration associated with spelling errors. Thus your language will become cheapened.
I was once of the thought that the words are evil, but neither the words nor the emotions are evil. Sure, Christians are not suppossed to become full of rage, but we are by no means near perfect. If we ignore our less than admirable emotions we may become unstable due to not being able to vent our emotions. My mother says, "Sssssshhhhugerjets!" when unpleasant things happen. It is known by me what she means and the emotions she is attempting to convey, so masking the word is unneccessary. It is right and good to mask our language around children and those who mind it. Children do not fully appreciate the depth of emotion that should be neccassary prior to swearing and they also have the tendancy to say swear words in front of those who believe it improper and/or evil. We should not test the faith of those who are weaker than us. Even though it is not sin to us, it may be sin to them. And we may in fact be the weaker. What if God, knowing our weakness, allowed us to use swear words, even though He does not desire such a thing for us? It could be.

I know that I am just writing sentances with no transitions other than those that happen in my head, but this is not an English paper, so I don't really care. Although, if I did not care, then I would not mention it. So it would be more accurate to say that I desire for my writing to be good, but am too lazy to take action. I am also tired and it is late as said earlier.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Don't let the bedbugs bite because vengence is hard to visit upon the correct creature and you don't want to be unjust!

Fred the Pansy
I shall make slaves of your distant relatives and pillage a town near yours!

-Wraj the Destroyer
A stupid man once said, "Don't shit into the wind."

I'll leave you to ponder that.
HeyHeyHey!!! I am going home in two weeks and my sister-in-law is pregnant! That means another niecling or nephlet! The child is due in June. I can't wait, as the saying goes, but I will unfortunately be forced to wait as time is generally considered immutable. I finished the book I was reading, and refuse to tell you the ending. I found a wonderful site http://www.actsofgord.com. I also like the site http://www.choppingblock.org it is gruesome, but funny. For a while I had one of them as my computer background. But now I have a car from http://www.supercars.net as my background. I got 3 dozen cookies from my Niena today! They actually arrived Friday, but I checked my mail after they closed for the day, and the vile humans close prior to noon on Saturday and are not open on Sunday, so I had to get them today(Monday). At least they still taste good. They were kinda beat up and that is evil, but what the hell, COOKIES!!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I had a massive nightmare last night. The jist of the dream was that there were THINGS hunting us and catching us and then torturing us. I did not know that my imagination was so...inventive. I remember that there were seventeen people who were caught, and each had their own unique torture. I was so very scary that my subconcious deleted all but one of the tortures. It was perforating a man's skin with a nasty sharp knife along the axis of symmetry and then having a couple of the THINGS rip it off him. It woke me up prior to my alarm, which is a hard thing to do. I don't want to think about it.

So, the rest of the day is going fine so far. I had a chemistry lab where we did some stuff with emmission lines of light elements. Pretty nift. I arrived to the class 15 min early, so I went into the lounge and took a nap. I like naps. I woke up on time, again, so that was good. I'm suppossed to be writing an essay "Summary of How I Got Where I Am." Isn't THAT an ambiguous assignment! Are we intended to go into our social, economic, religious, and geographic histories? Yes, doing so would complete the assignment, but it would be a lot longer than "summary" would advise me write. And I dislike writing.

I do like reading though. I got a new book yesterday "War of the Twins." It is a DragonLance universe novel in the Dragonlance Legends series. It is about the most powerful mage in the books and how he became that powerful. Right now (where I am in the reading) he is attempting to kill the Queen of Darkness also known as the God of Evil. He (the mage)is not a nice man and is trying to become the new god of darkness. I don't think he will succeed, but that doesn't make the story any less interesting. He might win, but if he does, I don't think he will become a god. Yeah, but I don't want to ruin the plot for anyone who is going to read the book, so I will stop.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I was hungry, but lunch sucked at SAGA again. The cheesburger looked done, but was sadly undercooked. The pizza was very greasy and did not have pepperoni. I dislike saga.
The bloody tornado sirens go off at noon on the first WEDNESDAY of the month here, instead of the obviously correct first Friday of the month as in Michigan. Fitness class sucks ass. Tim is my verybestfriend. I have nothing more to say right now.
I will start blogging again. This is because I read the entirety of my friends blog and feel like it right now. It is now past 3 am my time and I am going to bed now, but I wanted to get this site in my history folder so that I can find it tomorrow.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I didn't know what to post, so I decided to share one of my poems. The copyright
is real, so don't mess.

The Maze

Twisted Turns
Tight Tunnels
Cut the Corners
Thorny Hedge
Ever Present Persuers
No Way Out
Game for the King
Played With My Life
No Hope for the Hunted
Fast Feet
Fleeting Hope
Hide, No Shadows
Run, Stand Ground
Toss the Dice
They're Going Down

Roger Rienstra M.

Copyright ©2003 Roger Rienstra.

This is my first blog ever, so this post is to ensure that it works properly and to see what it looks like.

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